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Bored at Work

Bored at Work
A work of Bart since 1998


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"Work is the scourge of the drinking classes."
-- Oscar Wilde

Non-Fungible Olive Gardens
The Whimsical Web
Naked-Mole-Rat Queens Control Their Subjects by Having Them Eat Poop
Episode Zero: A Star Wars Comedy Fan Film
He's Beginning to Believe
Weed Dog
Donovan's 2015 Oscar Picks
NFL Logos as Dicks (NSFW)
Guy Walks Into A Bar
Below the Belt: Episode Three
Below the Belt: Episode Two
Below the Belt: Episode One
Donovan's 2014 Oscar Picks Ü
Beat Box Billie Jean Blue Line Train Chicago
Donovan's 2013 Oscar Picks Ü
Rappin' for Jesus
White People Mourning Romney
Will Ferrell Will Do Anything To Get You To Vote
Sorry, Andy, This Is The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Ü
Cage Does Cage
Paper Cuts
Call Hating
The Lion King Rises
40 Inspirational Speeches In 2 Minutes
Coffee Jerks
Tom Waits / Cookie Monster Mashup
Anne Sellors
Pendulum Waves
Poop Burger
Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Dead, Vader Says
The Last Fiesta
Sexy Sax Man Serenade
Seussical Sunday Sweets
Donovan's 2011 Oscar Picks Ü
Rad Dudes
Periodic Dinner Table - fridaynitebYtes
Dream Jobs That You're Glad You Didn't Pursue
Cunt Coloring Book
Kackel Dackel
Nicolas Cage Losing His Shit (WARNING: Use Headphones!)
The Uro Club
Epic Star Wars Montage Ü
Easy Inter Burial Container
Pencil Vs. Camera
There Goes The Rest Of My Summer...
Reporter WTF Moment
Man Caught Smuggling 18 Monkeys Under His Clothes
Barbie Video Girl Doll
Uranium Ore
Yeah, That's Not What I Was Looking For At All
This Is Why I'll Never Be An Adult
Religion and Racism - L'Brondelle's Universe - Pilot Episode
Sketchy Bunnies
D.C. Douglas PSA For Tea Party And FreedomWorks Critics
SnapScouts - Crowd Sourcing Crime Prevention
The Fastest And Funniest LEGO Star Wars Story Ever Told
The Swiss Kiss Ü
Axis Of Awesome - 4 Four Chord Song
America: We Are Doing It Wrong... Or Are We?? Ü
Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer
Donovan's 2010 Oscar Picks Ü
How To Raise A Toddler In 15 Easy Steps Ü
Guy With Coffee Meets Glass Door
My Baby? My Baby Seems So Smart But I'm Also Scared About My Baby
I Don't Even Want To Be Alive Anymore
Taleshmech Restaurant
Ways To Feign Productivity At Work Ü
Laptop Steering Wheel Desk
Odd Todd's Holiday Special 2009
Illustrated Stories From The Bible
Why We Should Be Eating Horses Instead of Riding Them
I Need A Hand Job (Mildly NSFW)
"It's Like Twitter. Except We Charge People To Use It."
People Of Public Transit
A Lesson In Futility Ü
Gross Misrepresentation On OkCupid Ü
Dead Flies Circus
Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You
Air Supply: Making Love Out of Nothing at All (Literal Video Version)
A Bad Case Of The Dates
Crime Doesn't Pay Ü
Don't Even Reply - Emails From An Asshole
Translation Party
This Week In Public Comment
Working At The Home Depot Ü
Texts From Last Night
The Vendor Client Relationship - In Real World Situations
Unpleasant Dealings With Daffy Furniture Salesmen Ü
There I Fixed It
Genesis Revisited: A Scientific Creation Story
When Good Bananas Go Bad
My Letter To Grant's Ant Spray Ü
Awkward Family Photos
Be Careful Who You Perv On Ü
What Do American Girls Like?
Quimby Bass
Dirty Dirty Money
Female Freedom - The Freedom To Pee Standing Up
The Library
My Love Affair With Cigarettes: The Teenage Years Ü
Is Google Making Us Dumber?
The Great Big, er, Small Midget Competition Ü
Suddenly Last Supper (Updated)
The Road To Hell Is Paved With Samurai Sword Wielding Potheads Ü
Hamster In A Wok
Mom Pushes The Wrong Button On The Elevator Ü
Miss Amy Kids
Sturgeon Face
You Have To Burn The Rope
Masturbating On Skype With Mum Ü
This Is Why You're Fat
Snowmageddon '09
Superuseless Superpowers
Late Show - Farewell To "Great Moments In Presidential Speeches"
David Lee Roth: Runnin' With The Devil Soundboard
More Christmas Cheer: Job Security For Shrinks Ü
The Price Of Heroism Ü
Anal Leakage Ü
Benny Hillifier
The Man Of 100 More Voices
What Are The Pet Monkey Laws In Your State? Ü
Things Bears Love
Hubcap Creatures
Skull & Bones Gauntlet Style Hand Claws
A Generic People Talking Post Ü
Hard 'N Phirm - "El Corazón"
Oh Shiit
Popaganda: The Pop Culture Revolution
George W. Bush - Sticker Guy Gallery
Barry Manilow Covers Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up"
Overdue Account
How To Turn Your Car Into An Unstoppable Murder Machine
Totally Looks Like
Synchronized Presidential Debating
Auto-Urine Therapy
Palin As President
Strange Knits And Yarn Monsters
The 8 Phases Of Dating
Redneck Neighbor
Fantastic Contraption
35 Of The Most Unique & Creative Sofa Designs
John McCain Gets BarackRoll'd
Ten Women Who Would Have Made Better Veep Picks for McCain Ü
You Could Take Over A CVS With Like Seven Tough-Looking Black Guys Ü
Siskel And Ebert Outtakes - McDonald's
Dissecting A Bully Ü
Barack Roll
You Just Made My List
The Website Is Down: Sales Guy Vs. IT Dude
The Bosh Man! Goes Out On A Date! Ü
I Have Been In You
7-Year-Old Sings Piano Man By Billy Joel
Catch Me Fuck Me Ü
If I Had A Monkey
Berty Examines The Hilarity Of Homosexuals, The Church And Homophobia In General Ü
Twenty-Two Wrestling Games What I Played, One I've Yet To Play And Two Which I Aint'nt!
Hi From Work
Top 10 Bible Reviews
At Least Someone At Wal-Mart Knows Awesome When They See It Ü
General Zod 2008
I'm Voting Republican
Boobies: Nature's Drinking Fountain Ü
Italian Spiderman
Judging The Cobra Kai Ü
Weezer - Pork And Beans
1000 Tiny Things I Hate
My Aspirations Of Becoming An International Volleyball Star Ü
Things Younger Than John McCain
Barkley Calls Himself A Dumbass In Anchorman Fashion
Makin' Music With John Mayer
Things I Did Last Night
The Mad Revisionist
I Shit, Therefore I Am Ü
The Subprime Mortgage Primer
Refacing Government Tender
Happy Birthday To Me (Or Things I Have Learned In 24 Years) Ü
Li Wei Art
Elections Are For Porn
Charlton Heston: The Last 24 Hours In A Graph Ü
Southern Family Reunion
A Series Of Unfortunate Exclamations Ü
The Original Helmet Mohawk
Hell Hath No Fury (Or Gay For A Day) Ü
Playmobil Security Check Point
Linda Vista Hospital
Unacceptable Employee Behavior Ü
Garfield Minus Garfield
Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early
Stuff White People Like
A Day In The Life Ü
Star Trek - White Rabbit
Wiener Poopie
Barack Obama - "Just Words?"
Rap Lyrics Explained With Charts And Graphs
Brady, Moss Opt Out Of Pro Bowl To Have Sex With Each Other Ü
The 10 Star Wars Toys That Unintentionally Look Like Other Celebrities
The Hawaii Chair
The Tom Cruise Indoctrination Video Scientologists Don't Want You To See
What Would Have Happened To Bugs Bunny Had He Made That Left Turn In Albuquerque Ü
One Sentence
Bureau Of Communication
Desktop Tower Defense
They're Made Out Of Meat
The Human Calendar
The Jingler
Mountain Dew Christmas Tree
The Man Of Another 100 Voices
Flashback: The Man Of 100 Voices
Motivating The Weekend Ü
Dog Armor
Funny Farm
Fashion Ads From Ebony Magazine, 1970 - 1976
Daft Bodies - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
I'm Starting To Get A Little Sick Of This Internet 'Spam' Protection Ü
We The Robots - "The Delegate"
I Can Bearly Handle Men's Bullshit Anymore Ü
Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians
Procrastination Flow Chart
Good Dog, Evil Dog
FOX Attacks Decency
Stripper Visits School In Booking Mix-Up
Mustaches Of The Nineteenth Century
The Emasculation of Mankind: A Hair-Based Scientific Report Ü
xkcd: Photoshops
Pit Bulls Kill Miniature Horse Donated To Cancer-Stricken Child
The 7-Eleven Blog
Song For The Perfect Girl
Tom Waits Conspiracy! (He Isn't Actually Singing) Ü
Our Art Site
The Dangers Of Frequent Drug Testing Ü
Ask Lo Pan / Ask Lohan
Fun With Real Craigslist: Looking For A Roommate Ü
Salad Xenomorph
Workin' At The Porn Shop Ü
hIP-hOP eXPERIENCE 4 String Quartet by Patrick Grant
The American's Guide To Canada Ü
Diary Of The Unemployed Ü
The 213 Things Skippy Is No Longer Allowed To Do In The U.S. Army And My Wife Are Conspiring To Kill Me Ü
Where Babies Come From (Cartoonish NSFW)
Homo Sex Is Sin...
"Our Peter" - A touching tribute to Peter Wilson, a young man taken before his time.
Christ, Ph.D.
Ask A Silly Question
Hot Chicks With Douchebags
Viking Webcam
Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Fuckscrews, Or "Get Your Entitlement Gene Off My Planet!" Ü
Mighty Optical Illusions
Top 10 Scariest Things To Ruin My Childhood Ü
Passive Aggressive Notes
Dreams Of Flying
An Illustrated history of Man: (I am better then cavemen) Ü
I Used To Believe
Spider Man Supervillain Origin Stories... In Real Life Ü
How To Ask Your Girlfriend To Hold Hands
A Show Of Hands: Finale Ü
*Warning* Nudity* Naked Robot Ahead
The Lonely Island
Fast Food: Ads Vs. Reality
The Crito Dialogues: As Told In MS Paint Ü
Smoke Sculptures
The Inbox Of Nardo Pace, The Empire's Worst Engineer
Howard Dean And The DNC Announce Today That 2008 Nomination Will Be Decided By Sissyfight Ü
Top 15 Unintentionally Funny Comic Book Panels
10 Most Magnificent Trees In The World
If You Want To Screw My Daughter, There's A Few Things You Should Know First... Ü
Neave Strobe
Fox News At Its Finest
Budget Chart For The UK Ü
What Would George W Bush Do?
The 101st Voice
Wii Sports Experiment
Sculpted Lighted Bra
"Rectal Foreign Body" Is Really Just A Polite Way Of Wording "That Dude Has A Dildo Stuck Up His Butt." Ü
Unlucky Speed Radar
Hell Hath No Fury Like A Short Sighted Chinese Guy In A Supermarket Ü
Punch Out (Live)
The Man Of 100 Voices
Awkward Hand Turkey Theatre
Robin Might Be Gay... But At Least He Doesn't Try To Hide It Ü
Dance, Monkeys, Dance
Oh Glorious Glory Hole Ü
Jesus Appears On Backside Of Beloved Pet
Vintage Advertising - All You Have To Do Is Believe... Ü
"No Doc, I Didn't Know A Chisel In The Eye Was A Medical Procedure" (The Three Worst Sounds I've Ever Heard) Ü
Jaf Project
Either I'm Becoming Too Perverse, Or Telephone Sex Chat Lines Have Seriously Gone Downhill Ü
Security Awareness Posters
John Kerry Tries To Tell Other Jokes
A Letter From Scholastic Regarding My Submission Of A New "Baby-Sitters Club" Installment Ü
The Kevin Bacon Kid Website Internet Porn Game Ü
Halloween Tampon Projects
The Politically Correct Census Form Ü
Album Covers Galore
Weddings In Jersey, Putting A Garter On Grandma, And Why I Hate Weddings In Jersey Ü
The First Satanglican Church of Wendall Corners
50 Greatest David Hasselhoff Videos
Weird Al Yankovic - "White & Nerdy"
Orgasmatron's Guide To Buying A Halloween Costume Ü
Rob! Lost At Yankee Stadium
A Little Chat With God Ü
Rabies For Kids
The Museum Of Online Museums
Shakes On A Plane
Real Dolls For Pedophiles, Or Babies You CAN Make Fun Of Ü
World's Biggest Cheeseburger
My Flatmate Likes To Piss With The Door Open And Other Tales From The Chaos That Is My Mind Ü
Fundamentalists Say The Darndest Things!
The Life And Death Of A Conspiracy Theorist Ü
Moose Change
Ten Things To Do When You're Pulled Over By A Cop Ü
Rectal Foreign Bodies
I Don't Want To Relocate Him. I Want to Kill The Motherfucker Ü
Buy Some Happiness
Hirings And Firings - The View From The Top Ü
Cats That Look Like Hitler
Jackson Pollock
Leetspeak: A Parent's Primer To Computer Slang
Ebay: The Art Of Negative Feedback Ü
The "Ultimate Thing" Costume
Sound Sleeping
Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments
Quiz: Are You A Nerd? Ü
My DaVinci
Man Vs. God Ü
Stick Scene
Cute Overload! ;)
Improv Everywhere Mission: Best Buy
Bring Your Child To Work Day: The Orgasmatron Edition Ü
Family Guy Strikes Back! Ü
You Win This Time, But We'll Meet Again! Ü
The Gatorade Conspiracy
Coffee And Cigarettes At 8AM Ü
The Alphabet of Manliness
Unbelievably Cute Things
Just Who Is George Mason And Why Is A School Named After Him? Ü
Kitten In The Name Of
Why Male Cheerleader?! Why?! Ü
Vote Here! For The Next Savior Of Middle Earth! Ü
The Secret Language of Bartenders - Revealed! Ü
A Treasury Of Macrame Owls
The Ultimate MS Paint: It Will Make You Cry Ü
Please Don't Show Me Your Pee Pee It Makes Mine Hurt Ü
Multi-Touch Interaction Research
I Was Sexually Assaulted By A Chav On The Night Bus And It Made Me Happy In My Special Place Ü
Ultimate Showdown
Office People Can Be Straaaange Ü
The Moon Landings Are Fake!
"Make You Happy Tonight" - Tripod
My Marvelous Day At Yankee Candle Ü
FEMA For Kids
Knife Block Shaped Like Human Head
Jowly McJiggles Is Not An Appropriate Nickname For The New Intern Ü
I'm Sorry Nath, I'm Afraid I Can't Do That Ü
Random Chuck Norris Facts
Bored at Work? Nevar! Ü
Isn't Suicide Bombing A Little Extreme? Ü
Filthy Nose Picker That I Am Ü
Wing Music
Nate As Wolverine
You Are Cordially Invited To Suck Corporate Ass Ü
Jesus Stopped Me From Getting A Job, But I Still Like Him Ü
Steve, Don't Eat It!
The Fist Shaped Dildo
Rugby Fan Can't Explain Self-Mutilation
Joseph And Mary: The Untold Nativity Ü
My Crappy Artwork: And How I Made It Better Ü
Life From The Male Perspective Ü
Intriguing Japanese Video Game
Gobble, Gobble, Beak and Wottle Ü
"Dumbledore's Army is a Bunch of Hot High School Girls" OR "How to Create a Creepy Situation" Ü
Baby Animalz
Remembering Our Fallen Heroes Ü
The Answer Man: Need Advice? Ask Someone Who Gives A Shit Ü
Lone Star Statements
Men Of The Internet
I'm Definitely Not Ready Ü
Building A Hampster Out Of A Dead Squirrel Ü
Custom Creature Taxidermy Arts
The Michelangelo Code Ü
Excuse Me Miss, Your Groping My Ten Year Old Son's Ass Ü
Fuck This Website
Awkward Hand Turkey Theatre Presents... Ü
Modern Living / Neurotica Series
Liquid Sculpture
The Pornographic Language of the Oil and Gas Industry Ü
Donovan's Toronto Film Fest 2005 Report Ü
How To Make A Template Hair Replacement Piece
Haiku Circus
At Least My Generation Have Excuses Ü
Building An X-Wing With Train Tickets
Dear Yahoo! Ü
Tips For Dealing With Evacuees That May Be Headed Your Way Ü
Post Secret
The Passion Of The Black Jesus Ü
Open Letter To Kansas School Board
A Couple of Idiots Discuss Complex Subjects Ü
Dead Things In The Water Ü
Why You Shouldn't Vomit On Your Job Interviewer Ü
McSweeney's Lists
Why We Should Not Launch The Space Shuttle Ü
The Bell Is A Barman's Best Friend Ü
The Museum Of Food Anomolies
Sexual Moments In Video Game History
Welcome To Our Family...
How Office Space Saved My Dating Life Ü
Beer Pong Or How I Bested Jesus Ü
Be Patriotic: Get Drunk and Blow Something Up Ü
Name That Candybar
Flash Limp Body
Google Has Become My Arch Enemy. Damn You Google!! Ü
Toothpaste For Dinner
Badass Summer Jobs Your Dumbass Kids Won't Appreciate Ü
Museum Of Conceptual Art
Why You Should Be Mindful Of Your Work E-Mail Password Ü
Miscellaneous Thoughts From My Notepad Ü
Slavery: The Way Forward Ü
The HisTory Of Michael Jackson's Face
How To Purchase And Install A Gas Convection Heater Ü
Man With A Chain Saw That Was Apparently Covered With Blood Was Let Into The U.S.
The Liberal Agenda Ü
Questions Answered About Tomorrow's Festivities At The Neverland Ranch Ü
Keltech Strikes Back - DJ Vader
The Rock Balancing Art Of Bill Dan
Steve's Badass Babysitting Service: I Promise Your Kids Won't Die! Ü
Posey Pencil Sharpener
Pictures Of Walls
If You Put Gasoline In The Bong...
Note To Self: Lighting Your Clothes On Fire While Wearing Them Is A Horrible Idea Ü
The Adventures Of The Middleman
Steve's Badass Dad Quiz Ü
I Am The Beast Six Six Six v. Michigan State Police
Fun With KY Jelly And A Cucumber Ü
Heavenly Images
I Was Raped By My Dyson Ü
Guess The Google
Who The Hell Keeps Buying These Bullshit Cards? Ü
University Of Nigeria
Things I Have Done That I Really Should Have Been Sacked For By Now Ü
Outer Space Wars
Rock You Like a Hurricane: A Bunch of Fat Heavy Metal Chicks Nearly Ruin My Shit Ü
Exit Mundi
Science Made Stupid
Uh, God? I'm Aware I'm A Fatass, You Can Stop With The Hints Ü
Draw A Pig
Galumpia Adult
If This Is The Reward I Get For Helping Out My Fellow American, Then Fuck You All Ü
Uncyclopedia - The Free Encyclopedia Of Politically Incorrect Non-Information
The Original Illustrated Catalog Of ACME Products
The Ultimate Weapon For Exacting Revenge On Co-workers Ü
Nature. It's Fucked Up. Ü
Learning About Goodbye Ü
Shredding Demonstrations
The Credit Card Prank
Mr. And Mrs. Wheatley
So You Want To Work In Retail Security? Ü
Bob From Accounting
Be All That You Can Buy
The Paragraph Novels
Chick-Fil-A And Stupid Sluts - A Memoir Ü
Movies I've Never Seen, And What They're Probably About Ü
Donovan's 2005 Oscar Picks Ü
Interrupt Humping Pigs At Your Own Peril Ü
My Little Golden Book About Zogg
Superman Is A Dick
"Why Does It Burn When I Pee?" Ü
Pictures Of People Dressing Up For A Star Wars Convention
Chihuahua Stir-fry Ü
Wall-Ties & Forms, Inc.
Patently Silly
Fun With Real E-Mail, Part 3 Ü
Tainted Love - My Date With A Vegetarian Ü
Monster Jam
15 Feet of Pop Culture Mayhem Ü
US Right Attacks SpongeBob Video
Semen On Geforce 6 6800 Ultra
God Is An Atheist Driving a Chevrolet Ü
If You Would Just Die, That Would be Great Ü
Skeletal Systems
Crazy Horoscopes
Tales Of New Bedlam: "What's That Sticky Stuff?" Ü
It's A Wonderful Life In 30 Seconds With Bunnies
Porn Bread
Gem Sweater
Yes Hello Please My Friend Happy Christmas My Friend Please Ü
Ding! Fries Are Done
Spreading Christmas Cheer Like Anthrax Ü
Menorah Man
Santa Sucks. Fuck Santa. Ü
You're a Racist, Dr. Seuss Ü
The Greatest Thing I've Ever Done... Ü
"Peanuts" In The White House Ü
Parenting, According To My Father Ü
Library Musical
I Need Someone To Send Me Their Baby So I Can Pick Up Women Ü
Radiohead Creep Animation
The Perry Bible Fellowship
Disturbing Things Girls Have Told Or Done To Me Ü
Straight Male Seeks Bush Supporter For Fair, Physical Fight
Moving To Canada? Ü
Work Haiku
Wendy's Food Almost Killed Me Ü
PS. I'll Find My Frog
I'm Dating A Cripple, And It Feels So Right Ü
Reach Out And Sneer
Sorry Everybody
Lord Of The Peeps: The Fellowship Of The Peep
It Looks Like Kerry Had A Meltdown In The Early Hours Of November 3rd... Ü
I Punched a Six Year Old in the Face or Why I Am Going to Hell Ü
Man Tries To Convert Lions To Jesus, Gets Bitten
I Was Accosted By A Giant Red Skittle Ü
Phone Sex Operators Are Losing Their Edge Ü
Giovanni Crisci - Hangman
Welcome To My Home
Pirates & Emperors
I'm Shallow, But You're Ugly Ü
Bad Candy
Microsoft Paint: Eleven Feet Of Awesome Ü
Sim Jesus Ü
Things That Need To Be Destroyed
Triple A Farm - Quality Emu Products
The 213 Things Skippy Is No Longer Allowed To Do In The US Army
Teddy Ruxpin: Can You Trust What He Says? Ü
Building A Life-Size Millenium Falcon
My Conversation With Hank: What A Little Bitch Ü
Book Of Ratings
God Help Me, I'm Turning Into My Father Ü
Human Descent
Hey! Who Took My Pie?
Drinking With Superman Ü
Date Jesus
My Sister Is A Lesbian And All I Got Out Of It Was A Pair Of Tight Pants Ü
The Return Of The Unholy Master: A Game Of Zany Action On A Crazy Contraption Ü
Mr. Picassohead
Fat People Don't Like Being Called 'Waddles' Ü
Excuse Me Sir, Could You Kindly Remove Your Hand From My Penis? Ü
Build A Better Bush
Things Going Squish On My Scanner #14 - A Cadbury Creme Egg
AIM Is Destroying the English Language, Acronym by Acronym Ü
iPod vs. The Cassette
Found Photos
The Lighter Side of Trach Life
The Ultimate Boss Revenge Story Ü
The Picture Of Everything
Dancing Bush
If You Are What You Eat, Then I'm A Horny Teenage Girl Ü
I Am The Unholy Master Of Microsoft Paint Ü
Vegetable Rights Militant Movement
Spider-Man Wants A Tip!
From Heaven to Hell
Biggie Size This Fucker! Ü
If You Ever Make A Bet With Your Girlfriend, Don't Fuck It Up Ü
Psychiatrie fur misshandelte Kuscheltiere
Rock Paper Saddam
Irrational Exuberance
Mail Order Husbands
Angry Alien
How To Avoid Getting A Speeding Ticket Ü
What "I Do" Really Means Ü
J-Date: Armageddon Ü
Drug Tax Stamp
Bert And Ernie's Guide To Eroticism Ü
The Parting Shot
Realistic Internet Simulator (aka. Kill The Popups)
Killing A Small Child With My Ass Ü
Art Bomb Ü
The Inhospitable Host Theory Ü
A Few Suggestions To Help Make CompUSA A Better Store
Age maps
Weight Watchers Recipe Cards, Circa 1974
The Penis Dialogues Ü
The Hole
I Wouldn't Hate You If You Didn't Try So Hard Ü
The Happy Poster Project
CATPRIN - Tailor For Cats
Bring Em Young Daycare (Contact R. Kelly For More Details) Ü - Incredible Stuff I Made
Molecules With Silly Or Unusual Names
John Kerry Is A Douche Bag But I'm Voting For Him Anyway
I Threw My Shoe At Someone Today Ü
Jay Maynard's TRON Costume
Elvis Lives In Flash
"And Then I Saw His Fart" Ü
Ten Worst Album Covers Of All Time
Strindberg And Helium
Exploiting Peer-To-Peer Networking: I Have Lost All Faith In Humanity Ü
Teen Who Posted Own Photo Charged With Child Porn
...And I Thought I Was So Good Ü
Bright Pink Virginia
My J-Date Misadventure Ü
Buying Crack, Politely Declining A Hooker's Service, Homeless People In My Car, And How Cheetos Can Save Your Life Ü
Student Charged With Selling Drugs To Police
The Term "Profane", Used With Respect To Language, Includes The Words...
Blonde Is The Root Of The Problem Ü
Two Hundred Dollar Bill
If You Were A Dinosaur, Your Name Would Be Fagasaurus Rex Ü
Pets or Food
Donovan's 2004 Oscar Picks Ü
JMG's Oscar Picks 2004 Ü
Rumsfeld Fighting Techniques
Tell Her You Love Her, Then Go Bowling Ü
Your Mother Broke Our Hearts Son Ü
Office Stress? A Solution. Ü
Why You Should Leash Your Midget At Dunkin Donuts Ü
Bar Code Art
Covered In Blood And Laughing. (Or, Why I Love Taiwan) Ü
Acid Trip
When Muppets Attack... Ü
Thar She Blows! Dead Whale Explodes
Kroger, Skim Milk, And Psychos, Oh My! Ü
My Neighbor's Two-Year-Old Daughter Is Trying To Kill Me Ü
Vomit; It Does A Body Good Ü
A Warning To My Son About Internet Addiction "Sorry Son, I'm Busy". Ü
Condom-In-Soup Lawsuit Settled
The Brick Testament
Money Of The World
What A Crappy Present
Spy Satellite Photo Proof Of Saddam's Weapons Of Mass Destruction
The Time I Almost Killed A 4 Year Old Ü
Holiday Snowglobe
Well, I Got "The Look" Again Ü
Give Me A (Pun)! Ü
Researchers Find Typos Indicative Of Stupidity Ü
The Busiest Shopping Day Ü
Self Arrest Form
BBC Learning To The Rescue
Bill 97 2003 An Act To Ban Dwarf Tossing
Santa Sucks. Fuck Santa. Ü
I Am Retarded, or How To Never Get A Raise Ü
Oops! You're Racist.
Fate Tells Me "Don't Go to the Gym." But...Fuck Fate. Ü
"If I Cum Now, Will It Be Too Soon" Or Why Guys Are Quiet In Bed Ü
Getting Caught Picking Your Nose Ü
Scaring Young Girls Ü
I Paid $9 To Pet A Furry Goblin Ü
Odd Todd Halloween
Marry Your Pet
Etiquette Of The Man-Hug Ü
The Big Shocker
I Like Candy Ü
High Speed, Schlieren and Photoinstrumentation Photographs
A Portrait Of You And Stevie
70s Children's TV
Poor Cubs Ü
Cubs Retire "WIN" Flag
Larry's Face
Badass Australian Cows Ü
The Skin Tower of Babel Ü
Buffalo-sized guinea pig revealed
Pedestrian Showdown Ü
Stop Thinking And Die Ü
Proof Of Lee
I Am Godzilla
Mississippi Judge Ordered To Remove Twelve-Foot Burning Cross From Courthouse
I May Be Small Boy; Airplane
My Subconscious Knows The Words To "Shaft" Ü
Unconventional Airsoft - Hand Signals
Onstar Commercials On My Radio Ü
The Duel
I Sense A Challenge Ü
Primate Programming
Quite Possibly The Worst Idea... Ü
If Interns Had Interns
92 Days And Counting -- Anal Sex And Oranges Ü
The People Vs. Lifetime Television Ü
Vortex Of Evil Ü
GI Joe PSA's
How Not To Build Workplace Morale
Brad Barber - Professional Hand Model
Ancient Curse Of The Horsefly Ü
Get Your War On
I Like My Coffee
Happy Tree Friends
Exploding Dog
Cannot Find Weapons Of Mass Destruction
The Best Page In The Universe
Licking A Bum's Ass Ü
Technological Advances Whose Times Have Come Ü
Jesus - With You Always
Gaping Void (Cartoons Drawn On The Back Of Business Cards)
Amend The Internet Ü
A Hershey's Kiss Riding Down The Street To The Tune Of Willie Nelson's "On The Road Again"
Don't Be "That Guy" Ü
Cat Poop Cookies
Monopoly Cards We'd Like To See
I Never Saw A Man... Ü
Would You Like To Bomb Iran?
Swearsaurus - How To Swear In 102 Languages
Odd Rods
Hunting Maraschino Cherries
Ho Hum - Things That Aren't Cool - Again Ü
Peter's Evil Overlord List
Duct Tape Wall Tapings
Donovan's 2003 Oscar Picks Ü
Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?
Super Bad
A Better President: Bush Or A Box Of Tic-Tacs?
Earth Erotica
Switch To Linux
Even More "Be Ready"
Don't Be Afraid... Be Ready
Knockoff Porn Movie Titles Ü
What Would Uncle Jessie Do?
The Federal Vampire And Zombie Agency
Career Opportunities At 7-Eleven
All The Wrong Places Ü
Jesus Inspirational Sport Statues
The Deadly Follies Of Stick Figure Warning-Man
Dude! You're Under Arrest!
L.A. Geyser
Prison Pen Pals
Give Cows A Voice!
Types Of College Students (also applies to co-workers) Ü
The Official Ninja Webpage
Things To Be In 2003 Ü
Monkey Phone Call
Banished Words
Bar Monkey
80's Music Lyrics
The Albino Squirrel Preservation Society
Which Part Of "Get Out Of Town Freak" Weren't You Clear On?
How To Make A Starbucks Eggnog Latte Ü
New Bored At Work Mascot?
Man Sentenced For Monkeys In Pants
You're a Racist, Dr. Seuss Ü
Origami Boulder
Know Your Place! Shut Your Face!
Airline Meals
Color Quiz
Scotty The Blue Bunny
Black People Love Us
Donovan's Toronto Film Fest 2002 Report Ü
All I can say is "um..."
Navy rescues seaman blown overboard (must... restrain... comment...)
Have you saved your CEO today?
Drugged Man Cuts Off Penis
Must See Movie
Microsoft/Intel Outline Future Of Computing (CDS)
The Romanian Mint Rubbing Association
Investors Question Signatures On Corporate Oaths
Donovan's Lord of the Rings Review Ü
Life Gem
Skyscraper Page
Sickening Seventies Sweaters
The President's Ass
The Worst Kind Of Co-Worker Ü
Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics
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