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Bored at Work

Bored at Work
A work of Bart since 1998


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"Work is the scourge of the drinking classes."
-- Oscar Wilde

Non-Fungible Olive Gardens
The Whimsical Web
Naked-Mole-Rat Queens Control Their Subjects by Having Them Eat Poop
Episode Zero: A Star Wars Comedy Fan Film
He's Beginning to Believe
Weed Dog
Donovan's 2015 Oscar Picks
NFL Logos as Dicks (NSFW)
Guy Walks Into A Bar
Below the Belt: Episode Three
Below the Belt: Episode Two
Below the Belt: Episode One
Donovan's 2014 Oscar Picks Ü
Beat Box Billie Jean Blue Line Train Chicago
Donovan's 2013 Oscar Picks Ü
Rappin' for Jesus
White People Mourning Romney
Will Ferrell Will Do Anything To Get You To Vote
Sorry, Andy, This Is The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Ü
Cage Does Cage
Paper Cuts
Call Hating
The Lion King Rises
40 Inspirational Speeches In 2 Minutes
Coffee Jerks
Tom Waits / Cookie Monster Mashup
Anne Sellors
Pendulum Waves
Poop Burger
Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Dead, Vader Says
The Last Fiesta
Sexy Sax Man Serenade
Seussical Sunday Sweets
Donovan's 2011 Oscar Picks Ü
Rad Dudes
Periodic Dinner Table - fridaynitebYtes
Dream Jobs That You're Glad You Didn't Pursue
Cunt Coloring Book
Kackel Dackel
Nicolas Cage Losing His Shit (WARNING: Use Headphones!)
The Uro Club
Epic Star Wars Montage Ü
Easy Inter Burial Container
Pencil Vs. Camera
There Goes The Rest Of My Summer...
Reporter WTF Moment
Man Caught Smuggling 18 Monkeys Under His Clothes
Barbie Video Girl Doll
Uranium Ore

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