Privacy statement

The personal information collected when you sign up for an account will not be transmitted to any third party for any reason other than a legal requirement on my part to do so. At some point in time, I may send an email to the provided email address. If there ever is such an email, it will provide instructions as to how you may establish the fact that you want no more emails from me. Unlike some other sites, I will not bombard you with marketing messages about "Buy this great thing so I can make money off you".

As far as information collected about your use of the site, the following pieces of information are collected:

Info that goes in the web server log file
If any of this information frightens you, keep in mind that every single web site known to man collects this exact same information.
Info collected by my scripts
This is it. An example of this second set of info would be:
Let's say you log in as user bob from the main screen and then you upload a file named me.jpg and then you create a file called pics.html and you add the image to that page and save the page. Then you clicked the expand-the-tree button to check on something. Then you quit Netscape. The information that would have been collected is: This is all relatively harmless. The point of this is for me to see which features people use the most and which ones are ignored. Also, when I want to do performance enhancements, this will give me an idea of which sections of code should be streamlined the most. Besides, who doesn't like tons of statistics?
No one cares what this says blah blah blah who reads this bottom line anyway?